Fix it now (or else) has an article about the FTC getting involved and sending “warning letters” to the administrators of various open relays and proxies. Other countries have sent similar letters to their citizens.

While it may not be “fix your stuff before we fix it for you” it may be the start of a trend of having an outside organizations requiring that you fix your networks.


OBTW, I’m back. The visit to Charleston, while being productive for my employer, was severly frustrating for myself as my favorite hotel STILL does not have Wifi. I like this hotel as they put serious effort into their upkeep and have a decent Triple-A discount. One new thing: directly across the street is a new (lower quality) hotel which offers free Wifi. I’m going to have a decision to make if I get sent down there again. Connecting to the Internet via my cell sucks, especially in that section of town where something interrupts the quality of the cell signal every 30 seconds or so.

Anyways, I’ve backfilled yesterday’s posts and have attacked the backlog of source data.

Will Google for Feeds

A little bored with the feeds your aggregator provides? Try using a couple Google tricks. If you’re want to look for security-related RSS feeds, try:

inurl:RSS security


filetype:rss security

Hint: blog feeds sometimes end in “xml” or “rdf” also. It all depends on what your aggregator will accept.