Blogspot Problems

The comment spam from suspicious looking Blogspot ( sites is
getting out of hand. It’s starting to look like filtering the entire
domain is the only option, something I’m reluctant to do as their are
quite a few legitimate sites that are worthwhile to log. Maybe I should
drop the vanity function altogether?


This is one of the
reasons why you spend a week or so, slicking, reinstalling and locking
down your laptop before you go to Defcon and re-slick it once your
done. It’s also one of the reasons why you go to Defcon.

Yeah, I know, it was only data injection but there are
other more evil things lurking out there. I wonder if anyone was able
to figure it out without help.

Banned books

More evidence that there’s more forehead bruises in my future. Admittedly, there’s some books on there that I’d probably never read and a few shouldn’t be in the hands of anyone in elementary or middle school but I’ve read a lot of those books, many in middle or high school.