Thank you Disney

I’m back home. The conference was interesting. It’s been a very long
time since I’ve been to Orlando. One thing I can say about Disney, they
do early sign-ins (for conferences) very nicely. Think sweaty, muggy,
tired and jet-lagged. An ice-cold bottle of water (or soda) and a sugar
cookie the size of your head hits the spot very nicely.

Okay, maybe
the cookie wasn’t that large. It makes checking in early worth it though.

Wireless Security

John MacMichael recently gave a presentation on wireless at TCC. I wasn’t able to attend but have taken a look at the presentation. It has to be one of the best I’ve seen on the topic. About the only thing that I don’t like about it is the assumption that WEP still needs to be a major point of discussion.

I wholly recommend the presentation though.


I’ve had a few thoughts about the recent Yankee Group articles rattling
around in my head for awhile now. <a href="
story=20050419175709648″>This Groklaw piece prompted me to ask:
Would Ms. Didio please present her credentials?

Seems she is willing
to publish articles on any number of technology-related topics, putting
forth what appears to be expert opinion. However, I am unable to find
any bio mentioning technical education or previous non-journalist jobs.
The impression that I get from digging through her hundreds of articles
is that she started as a “journalist” and nothing much has changed

Information such as this doesn’t help
to change my opinion any. I think it’s time that we, as readers, start
holding our media outlets responsible for the quality of the articles
that they put out.

Unfortunately, just as in politics, there’s a lot
that a “voice” can get away with without being held responsible.

As an
exercise in conspiracy theory, take a look at the people she’s worked
with or for. You’ll have your work cut out for you though. A Google
search for “Laura Didio” (with the quotes) returns 37,900 entries.