I’ve gotten rusty. I spent two hours troubleshooting software that I
hadn’t touched in two years. What should have taken me 5 minutes to
trace took me 2 hours. You can consider me as wearing the “bonehead”
sign around my neck, at least, thru the weekend.


I’ll argue the point

The author of this WatchGuard really admires Skype’s ability to evade firewall controls and thereby void security policy. While Skype might be hard to block, it is easy to detect and the author seems to have forgotten the most effective countermeasure for preventing the use of any tool: public executions.

If all of the network’s users are aware of the consequences of violating policy (and know it’s being enforced), incidents won’t occur that often. As a former network hitman, I’ve seen this one in action. No matter what you think of it, it’s a method that does work.

Who’s your favorite?

I won a Shuffle in a drawing at a recent conference and have been using
it to listen to various Podcast (hate the name) shows. I also burn a
lot of those shows to disk and listen to them during my one hour+
commute to/from work. I’m interested in maintaining a list (in the
wiki) of good geek/tech shows. Here’s my favorites:

  • any of the
    Leo Laporte shows (TLR, TWIT, the KFI shows)
  • /bin/rev (although
    I don’t like Stank’s personality, he does have a good
  • Slashdot review
  • Geek News Central
  • Chris

Others I’ve been monitoring (haven’t decided if I
like yet) include:

  • Infonomicon
  • Linux Link Tech
  • Mondays
  • LQ
  • Linux Link Tech
  • most of the stuff in HackerMedia

Leave a
comment and I’ll add the sources to the wiki.