SageTV Favorites

The trick I came up with to quickly list your most used channels can also be adapated so that you can search for near-future listings of your favorite shows. You may need to perform a couple sample searches (hint: “Heroes” is not that unique of a name) to optimize your search strings. Here’s a screenshot of mine:

Skype Asterisk Update III

One of the problems with running the Skype-to-Asterisk bridge (chan_skype) in a VM is that the bridge stops working after a period of inactivity. It’s been driving me bonkers for a week now as I’ve researched Skype, chan_skype, and Asterisk heavily, looking for the timeout. Then, on the way home, it hits me: the instance of Skype is actually running on top of VNC.

The short version: tenative (I haven’t proven it yet) kudos to Bruce Nepple for this post which discusses setting VNC’s timeout option. Hopefully this will fix it.

Editing the Sage menu

In the wiki, where I describe how to customize the SageTV web interface menu bar, I’m not kidding when I say that you have to hit the refresh button. From the browser’s point of view, the menu bar is a unique entity (separate from the rest of the content) and isn’t handled in the same manner. Short of clearing all stored content from your browser, using the refresh button is the only means of updating the menu bar.

Hopefully this will head off any further questions…

MPD interface

Since I’m running MPD on the NSLU2, it can be a pain to open a terminal, fire up ncmpc, and adjust the volume or tell MPD to connect to something other than the SlimServer. Because of this, I adapted Thomas Morgan’s PHP-based Client:Mpd.
It works okay without modification (be sure to edit the “host” entry in both index.php and playlist.php) but I found the text-only interface to be a bit too spread out. So, I replaced the text in his links with graphics, reordered them, changed the link colors, and added a meta refresh to index.php.
The end result is a bit cheesy (I need to find a decent set of graphics to “skin” this with) but it’s functional: