Openfire notes

I’ve added notes for Openfire configuration to the wiki. Ben Perove has a 15-minute screencast on basick configuration. The one thing that he left out was that you have to enable management via /etc/asterisk/manager.conf.

I also learned (the hard way) that if you use the embedded database (vice an external one) for Openfire, you’ll run into issues with configuring the Asterisk-IM plugin.

I’m having a bit of fun with Openfire (the server) and Spark (the IM client). The Asterisk-IM plugin announces inbound calls with pop-up windows using Spark. Openfire also has a gateway function for just about every IM available. This allows you to see when your friends are online (or chat with them), even in IRC, without having to start up a dedicated client for whatever individual service they might be using.

OpenMeetings update

Got the install-from-scratch version (vice the VM version) of OpenMeetings up and running. One tip for other people messing with it, running OpenMeetings on the same box as your web browser doesn’t work well (if at all). Run the server on a different machine.

WiFiDog status

I’ve got the auth server built with all of the modules/features enabled. The older ipkg installed nicely on my ancient WRT54G. The gateway works nicely (though I did lose some spouse points during the install) and seems to respect the pre-existing port-forwards. I don’t see much of the previous notes changing all that much. I’ll start tweaking them this weekend.

One side project though, the documention. The current stuff is a bit sparse.

Ow! My eyes!

Dude! It’s cool that you (you know who you are!) have a generally popular tech show on uStream. But don’t forget to turn your rig off when you’re done. We really don’t wanna know that you wear too-small black speedo-like underwear and like to wander the house with a cereal bowl in the middle of the night!

Intrinsic.h errors

Note to self (and anyone else who’s troubleshooting similar): The following error is caused by a lack of the XAW library.

    error: X11/Intrinsic.h: No such file or directory

The correction is to load the latest development version of libxaw.