Life expectancy?

Another thing that technology improves in our lives: the ability to pull new pranks. Tonight I ran across PhotoStamps from Please note the statement that this is legitimate postage.

My wife has various pictures of her and her sibling’s childhoods. [insert evil laugh here] I imagine that my in-laws will be forming a lynch mob sometime around Christmas.

Stop yer whinging!

Got to eat dinner with the team captain for Skewl of Root. When asked (at the conference) how they did it, he replied, “Cooperation, Dedication, and Overwhelming Technical Superiority!”.

Really want to know how they did it? Go back and take a look at their stats for the past 7 or 8 years. Notice how they almost always were in the top four finishers but most often had the suckiest “defense” stats? Care to guess what they fixed this year?

As for the other teams, they didn’t place first but they definitely didn’t place last. Those that actually played had to beat out nearly 400 other entrant teams (we’re talking thousands of people here!). They all busted their humps to get there.

It is hilarious though, seeing team points graphed over time, with the Bossman narrating (similar to the effect of shifting into the next higher gear when the guy you’re racing thinks you were at top end). Before you start buying torches and pitchforks, he was respectful of the other teams. Mebbe we can get him to digitize the commentary? (hint, hint!)