What happened last weekend

I never did do battle with the hedges this past weekend. The temperature outside was up over 100. With the humidity, both the hedges and the lawn are enjoying unchecked growth rates.

In any case, I was able to geek a bit, in between afternoon thunderstorms. It took a bit of work but I did get Asterisk 1.8.0beta1 compiled. For those considering it, be sure that you know how to track down the odd development library and how to compile third party code. There’s a number of external packages that you need to find/compile. I’m researching the iCal, IPv6, and Jabber interfaces. I’ll add notes to the wiki as I learn about them.

The power supply issue is going to be painful. It looks like we may have to spend almost 50% of what the box cost us to get an UPS with “adequate” power conditioning. Faugh on you, HP!

The Ubuntu install on the Acer Revo went without a hitch. I added an external SATA drive, created the boot stick with usb-creator, adjusted the boot selection in BIOS, and installed 10.4 in about the usual time, all without affecting the native XP install. Audio, video, and network all worked nicely without having needing repair. I now have the little box connected to a KVM with the main box and have the vSphere client installed on XP.

I didn’t get much work in on reviewing Jabber bots. I was too distracted in reading the docs for Asterisk 1.8

I have a backlog of stuff to post to the wiki too. Maybe this weekend?

Pending weekend work…

This weekend looks to be busy:

  • work on friend’s ESXi system, get various sample systems running and documented
  • tweak on own ESXi box
  • install Ubuntu 10.4 ISO on thumb drive and use it to dual boot on an Acer Revo (no external drives)(adding .5TB SATA though)
  • attempt to “adapt” Bitlbee code for alternate purposes
  • review a number of Jabber bots
  • find a usable UPS or line conditioner for an insanely line-noise sensitive HP Proliant 350 G6 (dang thing quits if there’s a lightning strike two counties over)
  • wade through the still-growing backlog of photographs of family and friends

And that’s just the geek stuff. I still have to mow the lawn and do battle with the hedges (they always win).

Another go-round with ESXi

I attempted to re-install ESXi again.  Now that I have a separate system in which to run the vSphere client, I’m hoping I can get some actual use out of the box.

In any case, the 4.1 install didn’t work.  It would boot but would fail early in the install, claiming that it couldn’t see my CDROM.  4.0 did install and I just now downloaded the 4.0-to-4.1 upgrade, so I’m hoping that his will work.

What I did manage to do is come up with a pseudo-quad boot, so that I can run either ESXi, Ubuntu 10.4, Windows XP, or whatever I have on the fourth drive (it varies over short periods of time).  This is accomplished via BIOS, which allows me to enable/disable SATA channels and also allows me to change the order of the hard drives that the box attempts to boot from.

I didn’t even have to resort to adding drivers to the install disk (though I still have those disks).  I’m hoping 4.1 installs without deleting the stuff that works now.  We’ll see.  More later.

FiSH update

I’m learning that when I describe how to build some piece of software, I should always wait a week and then try and build something using only my notes.  One thing that I’d left out of the build howto for FiSH was what to do with “blow.ini”.  Put it in ~/.xchat2.

BTW, I’ve also built a 32-bit version.  The only difference in the build is that you’ll use “make” instead of “make amd64”.